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Chord/Scale Mastery is a new and exciting approach to jazz improvisation, stemming from over 35 years of private lesson instruction. It takes the 10 most common jazz chords, exercising the player on those chords, and presents the available scales for each chord, from the most common scales to the very unusual. It is a very comprehensive 134 page approach, and can be used as a college-level or advanced high school private or class instruction text. Each approx. 5 minute cut on the play-along CD provides a background for the 10 most common chords in one key and the 12 cuts cover the 12 keys. To end the CD, a "120 chord tune" tests the player on all 10 chords in all 12 keys.

Professionals and college students will love the depth of the book and its wide ranging quality. It's the one book you'll want with your instrument all of the time, and is guaranteed to challenge even the most experienced player.

Construction is spiral bound on high-quality paper, built for years of professional use. Font is eminently readable and ideas are clearly presented.


"...I intend to make it required study material for my trombone students at USC. I recommend it to all serious instrumentalists."
- Bill Watrous, Trombonist

"Keith's book is a must for all levels of players for the development of chord and scale studies. He takes you logically through every kind of chord and scale that will work with it. If it isn't in here, it doesn't exist!"
- Tom Kubis, Arranger/Composer

"Chord/Scale Mastery by Keith Felch is an excellent, well organized, concise method for mastering 10 common chord types and their scale sources, both common and uncommon. The exercises are practical for improvisation and utilize the full range of one's instrument. The play-along CD has a wonderful rhythm section, and is well-recorded, allowing the user to really hear how the chord tones and scale sources sound (especially the chord extensions and uncommon scale sources). I highly recommend this publication and congratulate Mr. Felch on a job well done."
- Gary Matsuura, Director of Jazz Studies, Chapman University

"Keith Felch's new book Chord/Scale Mastery is a must for any serious jazz student. It not only provides all the scales necessary for improvisation, but it does it in a very logical and user friendly way. Way to go, Keith!"
- Ron Kobayashi, Pianist/Composer

"A very thorough yet fun approach to improvisation written by an educator with a true passion for teaching."
- Matt Lilley, Director of Music Clearance, Paramount Pictures


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