Keith Felch
Mirrored Response
Three Cat Night

by C. Michael Bailey AllAboutJazz.com

California-native and multi-reedist Keith Felch debuts with his broad-reaching Mirrored Response, and eleven song collection that wraps its arms around funk, R&B, jazz and world music. Joining Felch is Yellowjacket's guitarist Robben Ford who provides his high- achieving talents to the funky "Abundarotunda" as well as five other selections that include a calm, almost brooding take on Sting's "Fragile," the title track, and the gospel standard "Be Thou My Vision." Bill Withers' Lean On Me is given a molten R&B treatment with bassist Norm Stockton spreading out the bottom for the vocalists and Felch. Stevie Wonder's "Have a Talk With God" (sung by Carrie Rinderer is a brilliant throwback in sound to the late 1970s, when Wonder was king and his smart composing was an example of the best American music had to offer. It is soulful, hosting Felch's full-throated tenor saxophone within a proper frame of musical reference. Think Lenny Pickett in his salad days. "Be Thou My Vision" closes the disc in polyglot fashion that incorporates all of Felch's influences in a single place. It is lyrical and necessarily hymn-like, played beautifully. Felch has been hiding his light under a basket, but no more.

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